SPFx and some npm packages has been updated so if you have used my previous post http://www.dunite.se/2017/12/25/aurelia-spfx/ on Auerlia-SPFx make sure you read this.

It is important to verify your version of Node and NPM. These version dependencies are related to SPFx and not to Aurelia it-self.

npm --v

node -v

When you have verified your versions, just run the SharePoint Yeoman template as usually.

Then it is time to add the Aurelia stuff. I have put everything on single lines to make it easier to read.

npm install aurelia-bootstrapper@2.3.0 --save
npm install bluebird@3.5.0 --save
npm install aurelia-webpack-plugin@2.0.0-rc.5 --save-dev
npm install expose-loader --save-dev
npm install @types/bluebird@3.5.20 --save-dev
npm install ajv@^6.0.0 --save-dev

It is very important to use the exact versions above. Later versions of the aurelia-webpack-plugin webpack 4 and SPFx is using an earlier version. The latest version of bluebird typings depend on TypeScript version 2.8 or later. SPFx is using 2.4 currently. I also included ajv since npm complained about a peer dependency.

Everything else works in the last post. Happy coding!