Updates regarding SPFx and Aurelia

SPFx and some npm packages has been updated so if you have used my previous post http://www.dunite.se/2017/12/25/aurelia-spfx/ on Auerlia-SPFx make sure you read this. It is important to verify your version of Node and NPM. These version dependencies are related to SPFx and not to Aurelia it-self. npm –v 5.6.0 node -v v8.11.3 When you […]

Using WebPartContext in Aurelia webpart

When using Aurelia in SPFx you can use the dependency injection feature to store the current WebPartContext. aurelia.container.registerInstance(”WebPartContext”, this.context); I my render method I store looks like below. Notice the line with registerInstance, it stores the WebPartContext with a name. public render(): void { this.domElement.innerHTML = ‘<div id=”${this.instanceId}” class=”${this.instanceId}” >Loading…</div>’; require([‘aurelia-bootstrapper’],(au) => { au.bootstrap((aurelia: Aurelia) […]

Building Office 365/SharePoint applications with Aurelia

SharePoint has got some new and improved development scenarios. We at Dunite enjoy building our solutions with Aurelia, what we think is the best choice right now for modern, responsive and easy to use web applications. If you are new to Aurelia, head over to http://aurelia.io and get the latest and greatest information. This post focus […]

Create local nuget source

Sometimes there is no Nuget packages for the assemblies and other resources you use in your applications. Fortunately, it is very easy to create your own package and publish it locally. This post will briefly describe the steps how to get started. If you haven’t already downloaded Nuget-cli head over to https://www.nuget.org/downloads and download the […]